Ancient Guardian achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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The first meeting

Being killed by Minotaur

Watch your feet

Be killed by the trap


Get the ball in the face

Don't be afraid it's just hallucinations

Be killed by the trap during hallucinations

Not confused

Hitting Minotaur from a pistol

Beginner translator

Translate papyrus

Forgot gas mask...

Choke with poison


Open the door without a key


Open the door with a key

Extravagance - my middle name!

Waste Ariadne's thread

High Voltage!


Complete the first level without getting on the Minotaur's eyes


Complete the first level without a single item

Gold digger

Find all the items on the first level


Bring the AXE!

Rat hunter

Kill 10 rats