The Forest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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First Night

Survive 1 night

Camp Out

Sleep with another player (group sleep)


Survive 5 nights

First Responder

Revive one co-op player


Kill a bunny

Climate Change

Cut down 100 trees


Make and wear stealth armour

Be Nice

Share a food or drink item in MP


Kill bird with arrow

Minor Cannibalism

Eat an enemy


Don't kill any cannibals for more than 10 days in a row

5 Star Hotel

Sleep on yacht

Boy Scout

Use the compass

Serial Killer

Kill 100 cannibals

Demolition Man

Set off 20 bombs

Green Thumb

Grow all plant types

Choppy Chop

Chop up 50 bodies

Demolition Expert

Knock down 6 or more trees with 1 explosive.

You should be looking for Timmy


Revive 10 co-op players

Be Extremely Nice

Share a weapon in MP

Survive The Forest

Finish Game


Craft 10 medicine items

Big Spender

Daily Grind

Gabe Fan

Collect all cassette tapes!


Repair a shelter

Major Cannibalism

Eat an entire family

Longest Wall

Build a super long wall

Commercial Fisherman

Kill 6 or more fish with a stick of dynamite

Make It Rain


Killed downed enemy with rock

Don't Save The Forest

Cut down 1000 trees

Bite me!

Kill shark

Good Father

Collect all robot pieces

You are a fun guy

Eat all mushroom types


Bad father


Catch fish with a trap

Step Master

Pass 50,000 steps


Play through entire game without killing or eating animals


Explore all caves

Trophy Hunter

Kill all animal types and display heads

Get Closure

Find all missing passengers


Craft all items