DOGOS achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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The Master

Complete Training Level

The Escape

Complete volcano

The Asskicker

Kill 200 air units

The Undertaker

Kill 100 ground units

The Classic Man

Destroy 20 structures

The Linker

Kill 25 boats

The Machine Gunner

Shoot 100000 bullets

The Savior

Eliminate the Annihulator

The Fumigator

Kill 50 eggs

The Present

Eliminate the Goliath

The Specialist

Kill 10 elites

The Bullfigther

Complete the overtrain mission with loosing a life

The Inmortal

Complete zeetnuk mothership 1 without losing lifes

The Unlocker

Get all badges

The Unbeatable

Finish the game in the highest difficulty setting