PARTICLE MACE achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Killed By The Snitch

Get killed by the snitch foe

Unlock All Ships

You'll need to unlock all of the ships

Perfect Credits

Complete the credits without crashing

Mess With XML

Crack open some XML

Score Asteroid

Score 400 on Asteroid

Score Easy

Score 3000 on Easy

Co-op Score Asteroid

Score 500 on Asteroid in co-op


Revive a teammate 15 times in one co-op game

Score Hard

Score 3000 on Hard

Earn This Achievement

You earn this achievement by earning it.

Co-op Score Easy

Score 4000 on Easy in co-op

A Whole Mess Of Kills

Kill 10000 foes

Loop Hard Music

Last long enough for the music to loop in single player Hard mode.

Score Asteroid Show-off

Score 401 on Asteroid with the Show-off Ship

Beat The Game

Beat the entire game. Everything must be complete. There can be nothing left to do, no score to beat, no foe to smash.

Co-op Score Hard

Score 4000 on Hard in co-op

Deathmatch Kills

Have 1000 deaths in Deathmatch

Score Easy Show-off

Score 3001 on Easy with the Show-off Ship

Team Pacifist

Go 60 seconds without killing or crashing in co-op Hard

Score Hard Show-off

Score 3001 on Hard with the Show-off Ship

Player Deaths

5000 player ships have exploded.