SteamWorld Dig achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Scratching the Surface

You found Archaea!

The Good

Defeat 10 trilobites before they wake up.

Trash Man

Find and sell 8 Trashium ores at the same time.

Mythical Creatures

You found the Old World!

It Goes Deeper!?

You found Vectron!

Support Your Community

Buy from all of Tumbleton's shops.

The Bad

Defeat 10 shiners before they wake up.


Immortalisation of a destructible steambot.

Rock Bottom

Reach the bottom of the world.

Half Life 8 Confirmed

Find and sell 8 Uranium ores at the same time.

Turtle Soup, Yum!

Defeat a turtle submerged in water.

Shine on, You Crazy Round Thing

Complete the game with more than 150 orbs collected in total.

What's the Matter?

Find and sell 16 Dark Matter ores at the same time.

Two Kinds of People

Complete the game with more than 20000 gold collected in total.

Fully Loaded

Maximise all upgrades.

Dig Dug Skills

Crush 10 enemies with falling blocks.

The Ugly

Defeat 10 mecha trilobites before they wake up.

99 Problems and the Box Ain't One

Destroy a laser box.

It's a Secret to Everybody

Find all secret areas in the caves.

A Fistful of Dirt

Dig out 15000 tiles.

Just Like Real Life

Complete the game without getting killed once.

Quicker Than a Tumbleweed

Complete the game in less than 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Sequence Breaker

Destroy two generators before entering Vectron.

Master Prospector

Get all four gold stars in the same playthrough.