AER Memories of Old achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Escape the collapsing cave.


Get some Lambaby love.

People's Haven

Complete the Eventide Sanctuary.

Knowledge for Power

Complete the Archives.


Discover all areas of the map.

Mausoleum of Ice

Complete the Monastery.

Antlers of Stone

Find the statue of the deer.

Wings of Stone

Find the statue of crane.


Completed the game.

Gaze into the abyss

Find the dwellings of the rift cult.

In the belly of the beast

Find the bones of an old beast.

Condor condo

Find the giant birdshrine.


Find the ancient battlefield.

An uninvited guest

Find the Crab Island.

Tails of Stone

Find the statue of the fox.

Written in stone

Find the chiseled stone map.

Talk to all the spirit animals

Speak to all of the spirit animals.

Baa from the past

Find the Ancient Llamba.

Ripples on the surface

Step into the well.

Hide and Seek

Find Erin when she's gone.