Heaven's Hope achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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The power of an angel

You've got your halo back!

The Tease

Grimace 3 times

The mouser

Resuscitate the mouse

An Angel on earth

Don earthly attire

The nutty professor

Find the professor

Angel's breath

Use the Angel's breath 3 times

Avoid the evil

Drive away the goat

The constructor

Create Anselm

Mouse sympathiser

Use the mouse 3 times

The comedy: act one

The blueprint is complete


Collect all tickets


Use Anselm 3 times

Rest in Peace

Get rid of the ghost in the mill


Have Bill distill alcohol

The comedy: act two

Find all parts for the flying machine

Talking is golden

Talk to every character

The flight of Icarus

Build the flying machine

A thieving angel?

Steal an object


Escape from jail

The explorer

Visit all locations


Find Michael's sword

The exorcist

Defeat the demon


Get Greta a new identity

I'll be back

Game completed

The comedy: act three

Bring the airship into position

A true angel

Complete the game without stealing any objects