GemBreak achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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GemBreak Starter

Unlock when completing the first level

Space Graveyard!

Unlocked when you have died 50 times

Exploration of Space!

Starting the space journey by completing level 10

Breakout Defender!

Bounce the ball 8 times with the Breakout Bouncer

Bonus Hunter!

Hit 50 Green Bonus Bricks!

Red Gem Master!

Hit 100 Red Gems!

Amazing Luck!

Hit 5 Bonus Bricks with a single Ball!

Im Blue Da ba dee!

Hit 500 blue square bricks

Sliding Champion!

Slide or hit 100 Speedbricks!

Gem Hitter!

Hit 12 Red Gems on a level

Death from Above!

Get help from the UFO 10 Times in one playthrough

Solar Power!

Unlocks when Solar Storm has been called upon 10 Times in one playthrough

Bronze Trophy

Get 25.000 points

Level 50 Completed!

Unlocks when you complete lvl 50

Lost in Space!

Enter 10 black holes!

Big Acid Ball!

Unlocked when a big ball goes acid

Huge fireball!

Unlocked when a big ball goes fire

Space Bouncer!

Bounce 100 times in one playthrough

Brick Bounty Hunter!

Unlocks when you have hit 1000 Round Blue Bricks


Ball got stuck in space

Silver Trophy

Get 50.000 points


Unlocks when you have used Meteor Shower 10 Times in one playthrough

Level 90 Unlocked

Unlocks when you complete lvl 90

BuzzSaw Madness!

Hit 6 Red Gems with Buzz Saw

Acid Frenzy!

Hit 5 Red Gems with the Acid Ball

Gold Trophy

Get 100.000 points

Master of the Universe!

Get 150.000 points