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No missable achievements (plus 86 unknown)

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Chapter 1 Complete

Completed Chapter 1.

Real History

Master of Turrets

Chapter 2 Complete

Completed Chapter 2.

Chapter 3 Complete

Completed Chapter 3.

I'm also good at Plumbing

Jump a total of 1,000 times.

Playing with Fire

Acquire the Heat Element. It's getting hot in here.

The Key Question

Find the Thief's Key. Unlock all the bronze chests!

The bigger they are...

I can run for Miles!

Make a total of 50,000 Steps.

Chapter 4 Complete

Completed Chapter 4.

Time well spent

Play the game for a total of 10 hours. Don't worry there's no speedrun version.

Showdown at Bergen

They have 5 Hearts

Feeling Ice-solated

Acquire the Cold Element. Can anyone else not feel their fingers?

That's really Low Key

Find the White Key. Unlock all the silver chests!

Kill it with Fire!

Chapter 5 Complete

Completed Chapter 5.

Showdown at Faj'ro

Making Rocky Proud

Deal a total of 1,000,000 Damage. It's time to stop now.

The Trickster

Chapter 6 Complete

Completed Chapter 6.

I know all the I-Frames

Perfect Dodge a total of 100 times. So close.

Ultimate Power

Chapter 7 Complete

Lightning Returns

Acquire the Shock Element. This is Shocking!

What is that anyway?

Acquire the Wave Element. Groovy.

The Final Key

Find the Radiant Key. Unlock all the chests!

The Canonical Enemy

A Shadow from the Past

Every Task can be Solved!

Complete a total of 200 Tasks.

Ultimate Combat Artisan

Execute a total of 1,000 Combat Arts.

Combo Breaker!

Stay in a combo streak for 20 minutes. Come on, this is enough.

The None-Winged Devil

A Test of Power

Showdown at Gaia's Garden

Battle on the Crown

Chapter 8 Complete

The Dawn's Blade

Reporting for Duty

Unlock 76% of all Enemy Reports. We're all Reporters now.

I need Healing!

Heal a total of 400,000 HP. 0heals!

Chapter 9 Complete

Restless Frustration

Let's swim in my Vault!

Amass a total of 1,000,000 Credits throughout your journey.

True Survivor

Survive 50 fights with 33% or less of your max health.

There is no Cow Level

Visit all perfectly normal landmarks in all areas.

Lea the Explorer

Find 100% of all Landmarks in CrossWorlds. Did you help?

Temple Mine Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Temple Mine.

The Experience

The Ultimate Experience

Chapter 10 Complete

Vermillion Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Vermillion Wasteland.

Faj'ro Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Faj'ro Temple.

The Avatar

Execute a Level 3 Combat Art with each Element.


Dash a total of 20,000 times. My head feels dizzy...

Rhombus Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Rhombus Square and Rhombus Dungeon.

Maroon Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Maroon Valley and Ba'kii Kum.

Pierce through the Heaven

Obtain the Infinity Spiral Drill. Pass it on to the next generation when the time arrives.

Bergen Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Bergen Trail and Bergen Village.

The Green Thumb

Find and analyze 100% of all Environmental Objects.

Grand Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Zir'vitar Temple, So'najiz Temple and Grand Krys'kajo.

Sapphire Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Sapphire-Ridge.

Autumn's Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Autumn's Rise, Rookie Harbor and Autumn's Fall.

The Fauna of the World

Find 100% of all enemies in CrossWorlds.

Gaia's Scavenger

Find and open all Chests in Gaia's Garden and Basin Keep.

Need more Buffs!

Use a total of 200 Consumables. I'm stuffed!

It's called a VRPit

Throw and hit a total of 50,000 Balls. Your arms must be tired.

Chest Nut

Find 100% of all Chests in CrossWorlds.

Gotta help 'em all

Complete 100% of all Quests.

You Can't Touch This

Perfect Guard a total of 200 times.

At the Speed of Sound

Win every dungeon race against Emilie.

My Star Sign is Libra

Find 100% of all Traders in CrossWorlds.

I know Everything

Find 100% of all Lore Entries in CrossWorlds. All mysteries solved?

Smokin' Sick Style!!!

Defeat a total of 200 enemies doing a combat streak. Calm down!

True Spheromancer

Win every PvP Battle against Apollo without losing a single round.

I hate Spiders!

Survive 5 Minutes in the Ring of Spiders - Endless Mode alone.

One Shot, One Kill

Defeat 500 enemies, each with a single attack.

The Iron Fist

Successfully land 50,000 close combat attacks. Mashing to victory!

Peace of Mind

Finish all Trial Caves in Bergen with all handicaps in under 1:45.

Critical Acclaim

Land a total of 20,000 critical hits. Hit 'em where it hurts.


Deal 50,000 Damage with a single hit. A punch that echoed throughout history.

Culinary Connoisseur

Find and use 100% of all Consumables. Write a book about it!

Not today!

Successfully execute a Guard Counter 200 times.

Daughter of Artemis

Defeat a total of 8,000 Enemies. At this point you know the drill.

You Shall not Pass!

Successfully guard a total of 4,000 times. Don't touch me!

Nature is Scary

Defeat 100 enemies by using the environment as the final blow.