Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Crow Carrion

Looks Familiar

Fire of the Mountain


Grim Reaping

Unlock Reaper Form

Tears of the Mountain

To Move a Mountain

The Spectral Touch

Feeding Time

Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon

Dust to Dust

Heart of the Mountain

Tree of Life

The Lord of Bones

The Toll of Kings

By Your Command

The Court of Bones

Death Will Tear Us Apart

Soul Crushing

City of the Dead

The Rod of Arafel

I Can Has Cake?

Respec Yourself

Clipped Wings

Stains of Heresy

Tearing Time A New One

The Mad Queen

Full Potential

Unlock All Combat Moves & Upgrades

It's Not Over

Lord of the Black Stone

The Root Of Corruption

Diamond Geezertron

A Stroll In The Demonic Park

Complete the game on any difficulty setting

The Big Boss

Like a Noss

Four My Brother

Complete the game on NORMAL

I've Brought You A Gift


A True Horseman

Complete the game on APOCALYPTIC

The Book of the Dead


Open all Death Tombs

Mass Ruckus

Equip elite items to all slots

The Triple Lindy


Death Reaches Level 30


It's Definitive

Complete the game on DEATHINITIVE

Bravo Old Chap

Defeat Wicked K

All You Can Eat Buffet

The Secondary Adventure

Complete all Secondary Quests

Is There Anyone Else?

Complete The Crucible


Unlock Everything