Euclidean achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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Get killed by a roving creature while still recharging Phase

Reaper's Puppet

Die 5 times

I Can Almost Reach It...

Die on a stage floor

Dimension Jump

Dodge a roving creature by Phasing

Please Make It Stop...

Die 10 times

Was It All For Nothing?

Win the game

Insignificant Mortal

Get killed by every creature type in the game

Give In To Despair

Die 25 times in the same stage

Broken Spirit

Die 50 times

Don't Let it End Like This

Get killed by a gargantuan creature in permadeath mode

Slip Between The Cracks

Avoid every creature type by phasing

Indomitable (But Still Doomed)

Win the game with permadeath enabled