JumpJet Rex achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Objective, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Play the game instead of letting it go extinct in your backlog

start the game! :)

Basic Training

Complete Boot Camp


Collect every coin in a level

Fat Stacks

With a 4x combo collect a ruby

3 Pointer

Score 3 points in Holoball in the Rexercise Room

Snowhere to Run

Defeat the first boss

Stay Put

Stun the patroller in p1ng 3 times in one run

Target Practice

Get a 100pt combo on Rex's target practice machine in the Dinonaut Base.

Happy Family

Beat a level in Co-op mode

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Destroy 100 robots


Master one level


Defeat the second boss


Retry a level 30 times

No Jumper

Beat the target time for a level without using Jump

Seed Slam

Find Seedmours weak spot!


Defeat the third boss


Get a 5x bounce combo on the first boss


Use the shortcut for a photo finish in Scrollway


Cover a level in ash


Defeat the Yeti using only snow chunks


Spend 100,000 gold in the shop

JumpJet Rekt

Die 500 times


Defeat the fourth boss


Use death to your advantage in Cold Front

Filthy Casual

Complete adventure mode on easy


Have a 4x coin combo multiplier lasting over 30 seconds

Speed P1ng

Beat P1ng in less than 10 seconds

Beat the Game

Complete adventure mode on normal.

Beat the Game (Properly)

Live to fly another day.


Collect all the hidden items

Quick Shooting

Kill the Big Globowski in under 30 seconds


Use your projectile to trigger 75% of the switches in Power Core


Get 3 stars on 30 levels

Rex In Peace

Pay the ultimate price.

Master Fighter

Get 3 stars on all 4 bosses

Snow Plow

Destroy 25 snowballs in Snowblind without dying

Nothin' Special

Beat the target time for a level without using Dash, Drop or Rocket


Collect every coin in every level


Destroy 100 fireseeds in Jungle Jump


Buy 20 different heads for Rex


Master all levels

Shoe Shopping

Buy 20 pairs of jumpboots for Rex


Complete the SpeedRun mode and post a time to the leaderboard

Speed Master

Beat Speedrun Mode in under 90 minutes.

Rainbow Rex

Buy 30 different skin colors for Rex

Better Together

Complete adventure mode in co-op

Big Money

Spend 1,000,000 gold in the shop

Color Blast

Buy 30 different jet stream colors for Rex

Ragequit Rex

Complete the RageQuit Rex mode

Dinonaut Master

Beat Adventure mode on normal, getting every star and hidden package, under 3 hours

Rage Master

Beat Ragequit Rex without losing any lives.