Cute Things Dying Violently achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Rescue Rager

Get your first Critter into the Elevator.

Bada Bing Bada Boom

Beat the Timebomb Hate Bot.

Paint The Town Red

Get blood on every solid object in a level.

Failed At Life, Okay At Death

Reach 30 lifetime level restarts.

A Cut Above

Beat the Buzzsaw Hate Bot.

Die Centennial

Get 100 lifetime Critter kills.

Adequately Lubricated

Dunk your first Critter in oil, and have fun doing it!

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Beat the Drill Hate Bot.

Conflagration Sensation

Get 40 fires going simultaneously.


Have every Critter (at least two) in the level die within a one second timespan.

Decline Intervention

Get 250 lifetime Critter kills.

We Don't Need No Water...

Beat the Flamethrower Hate Bot.

Viva Variety

Kill Critters by all available methods: falling, spikes, buzzsaws, explosions, fire, and electricity.

I Am Shocked, Shocked

Beat the Zapper Hate Bot.

Training Wheels Off

Get a perfect score on every level in Stage 1.

Medium Well

Save a Critter that has been char-broiled red.

I Want My Money Back

Beat the game.

500 Slays of Bummer

Get 500 lifetime Critter kills.

Low Flyer

Beat Hang Time without the Critter leaving the screen.

Everyone Hates This One

Save all Critters in Gone With The Wind in 45 seconds.

Lickety Split

Get a perfect score on Split Second.


Find two different ways to set off the Oil Drum in Despair Mail.

I Demand A Recount

Save more than three Critters in Six Enter - Three Leave.

Obsessive Compassion Disorder

Get a perfect score on every level in the game.