Immortal Empire achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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That's Divine

Find your first divine item

Hard Earned Cash

Purchase your first store item

Get By With A Little Help

Complete a level with a co-op partner

New Scenery

Unlock first new area

Clubbed to Death

Complete a level using only physical attacks

First Boss Battle

The Gauntlet

Defeat your first gauntlet level


Acquire your first charm


Enchant your first item

A Little Less Radiant

Purchase your first radiance item

The Stuff of Myths

Find your first mythical item


Complete every level challenge

Join The Party

Control 5 immortals


Kill 5 enemies with a single spell

Close Call

Survive a turn with only 1 hit point remaining

Friend or Foe

Play your first versus match

Buffed Up

Have 5 buffs active on an immortal at once

Defeat The Gauntlet

Complete the gauntlet on any difficulty


No Ondakas

Crushing Blow

Deal 500 damage with a single attack

Solving Local Disputes


Rune Master

Acquire your first rune

Big Spender

Buy an item for at least 100,000 gold

Master of Magic

Complete a level using only magic


Complete a level without taking damage

I Have The Power

Reach the maximum immortal level


Reveal an entire map

Fully Equipped

Equip 1 immortal full with items

Smooth Talker

Reach the maximum number of profile attributes


Reach 500,000 gold

Deadly Crystal

Find a black crystal

Hard Victory


Complete a level without killing anything


Craft your first phrase or verse out of glyphs

What Is That Thing?

Solve the mystery in Ashen Plateau


Reach 5,000 radiance

Throwing Down The Gauntlet

Complete the gauntlet on immortal difficulty


Reach the maximum possible perception attribute


Get the highest possible romance score

Brutal Victory


Reach the maximum possible will attribute


Reach the maximum possible charisma attribute


Complete a level without startling any enemy

Insane Victory

You Look Enchanting

Equip one immortal with all enchanted gear

True Immortality

Reach 5,000 kills without dying


Reach the maximum possible wisdom attribute

Not so Smooth

Get the lowest possible romance score

Climb The Ladder

Win 25 ladder versus matches

Immortal Empire

Reach 100% achievements and challenges