Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 58 unknown)

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My Little Doll

Find Valentina's doll

Candy Day

Find Valentina's Lollipop

Black Cat Fur

Help Valentina and get the black cat fur

A Black Cat

Find Valentina's cat

I'll Play A Song

Find El Mariachi's guitar

Perfect Chapter

Finish all levels of chapter 1 with 3 skulls each level

El Sombrero

Find El Mariachi's hat

Combo Apprentice

Make a combo of 20 cards

Here Is Your Ginger

Help El Mariachi and get the ginger

Fake Mustache

Find El Mariachi's mustache

Walk Again

Find Emmanuel's leg


Find Emmanuel's arms

Bomb Master

Explode at least 100 bombs

Please, Fix Me

Find Emmanuel's spine and ribs

My Herbs

Help Emmanuel and get the burdock root

Don't Stop Me Now

Play 15 levels in a row

My Pretty Shoes

Find Frida's shoes

Fan Dance

Find Frida's fan


Put the fire out from at least 22 cards


Open at least 40 padlocks

Rocket Master

Use at least 150 rockets

Beautiful Dancer

Find Frida's hair ornament


Help Frida and get the nightshades flower

Mascaras Boy

Find Miguel's maracas

Sugar Skulls

Find Miguel's sugar skulls

Happy Little Frog

Help Miguel and get the frog

Half Way!

Play 50 levels

Let's Play Soccer

Find Miguel's soccer ball

Golden Skull Collector

Get 150 golden skulls

Dig A Grave

Find Sebastián's shovel

Rest In Peace

Find Sebastián's candles

Light A Candle

Find Sebastián's matches


Help Sebastián and get the mandrake plant


Break at least 25 stone walls

Give Me Some Extras

Use the Extra Cards booster at least 10 times

Can’t See A Thing

Find grandma's glasses


Use the Joker at least 12 times


Find grandma's dentures

Sword of Justice

Use the Sword booster at least 10 times

Walking Sticks

Find grandma's walking sticks

A Dangerous Fruit

Help grandma and get the doll's eye fruit

My Costume

Find Héctor Guerrero's singlet

Moving Around

Find Héctor Guerrero's boots

Luck Salamander

Help Héctor Guerrero and get the salamander

The Champion

Find Héctor Guerrero's championship belt

Protect My Identity

Find El Justiciero's mask

Reveal The Future

Use the Crystal Ball booster at least 5 times

Combo Expert

Make a combo of 32 cards

A Cape I Must Have

Find El Justiciero's cape

I'm Ready

Find El Justiciero's sword

The Snake

Help El Justiceiro and get the snake

Break The Chains

Find a pair of pliers

The Coffin

Find a coffin to imprison El Toro


Find nails to use them in the coffin

Combo Master

Make a combo of 36 cards or higher


Find a hammer to shut El Toro up in the coffin

The Potion

Find all ingredients to complete the potion

Golden Skull Master

Get 300 golden skulls