Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 48 unknown)

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Scout Sniper Basic Course

Completed Prologue


Completed 5 Point of Interest in one playthrough

Manual Labor

Used Crafting for the first time

Crab Walk

Moved 1 km while crouched in one playthrough

Shot Down

Enemies destroyed drone

Aerial Recon

Flew 5 km with your Drone in one playthrough

Trouble Seeker

Completed 10 Point of Interest in one playthrough


Ran 10 km in one playthrough

Ghost Hunt

Completed First Act

Bounty Hunter

Neutralized 25% the Most Wanted list in one playthrough

Cat Killer

Completed 20 Point of Interest in one playthrough

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Killed an Enemy with a Sniper Rifle shooting through a wall

Bullet Sponge

Survived 500 hits in one playthrough

Enemy of my Enemy

Completed Second Act

The White Death

Killed 20 Enemy Snipers in one playthrough

The Castling

Completed Third Act

Long Shot

Killed an Enemy from a 500 meters distance.

DIY Enthusiast

Crafted item from each category at least once


Neutralized 50% targets from the Most Wanted list in one playthrough


Completed Fourth Act


Taged 10 Enemies with the CCTV in one playthrough

Treasure Hunter

Finded 25% Collectibles in one playthrough


Done 25 Stealth kills in one playthrough


Neutralized 75% targets from the Most Wanted list in one playthrough

Treasure Island

Opened the Loot Box on the Island

Local Hero: Mining Town

Completed all Side-Ops on Mining Town in one playthrough

Local Hero: Village

Completed all Side-Ops on Village in one playthrough


Hunted and collect 150 Organic Samples in one playthrough

Third Degree

Done 15 Interrogations in one playthrough


Neutralized 100% from the Most Wanted list in one playthrough

Point Blank

Done a short distance Sniper Rifle kill


Finded 50% Collectibles in one playthrough

Environmentally Unfriendly

Drove 100 km in one playthrough

Blown Up

Traps destroyed drone

Local Hero: Dam

Completed all Side-Ops on Dam in one playthrough

Drone Warfare

Unlocked all Drone modules


Owned all Secondary Weapons

No Stone Left Unturned

Finded all Collectibles in one playthrough


Owned all Sidearms


Done a headshot from 500 meters using scope 10x


Owned all Primary Weapons

Triple Kill

Killed 3 Enemies with 1 bullet

Mark the Prey

Taged 30 Enemies with Tagging Bullets in one playthrough

Turn On the Wipers

Killed 25 Enemies while driving in one playthrough

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Distracted 30 Enemies with Luring Bullet in one playthrough

Death From Above

Killed 20 Enemies from above in one playthrough

Death From Below

Killed 5 Enemies from below in one playthrough

I Am More

Unlock all Achievements