Mindball Play achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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.62 miles

Roll a cumulative 1 km.

Like Water

Complete a race on Emerald Flow.

Speedy Gonzales

Complete a race on Speed Circuit.

ConCERNed Citizen

Complete a race on Accelerator.

Basic Racer

Complete a race on Base Race.

Metric Milestone

Roll a cumulative 10 km.

Pretty Lasers

Complete a race on Laser Control.

Partied Hard

Complete a race on Party On Pluto.

Nicola’s Pride

Complete a race on Coil.

March of the Machines

Complete a race on Machine Room.

Move it, move it

Complete a race on Conveyor.

01011001 01100001 01111001

Complete a race on Binary.

Fully Boosted

Use the booster 100 times.


Complete a race on Space Station.


Complete a race on Solar.

Scraping the Sky

Complete a race on Skyscraper.

Gotta Play ‘em All

Complete a race on every track.

Interaction Not Rated

Win an online race.

Bag of Tricks

Use 100 pickups.


Roll a cumulative 100 km.

Fair Play

Complete campaign chapter 1.

More Like Ternary

Star of the Day

Set the best time of the day on a track in Time Trial mode.

A Matter of Size

Complete campaign chapter 2.

Eternal Starshine

Win one star or more on every track in Time Trial mode.

Racing Up

Win a ranked game.

Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Beat a ghost ball in Time Trial mode.

Hidden Legacy

Binary Systems

Win two stars or more on every track in Time Trial mode.


Earn all campaign stars.

Ad Astra, Imperia

Win three stars on all tracks in Time Trial mode.

Celestial Spheres

Complete campaign chapter 3.

In a Hurry