Intensive Exposure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Let's get this party started

Expose for the first time

Big Berta

Expose to Berta

Watch out

Stun your first guy

Going shopping

Unlock mall level

Ladies' Man

Flash 5 girls at once


Unlock Harambe skin

Master Flasher

Get 10x multiplier

Special Exhibition

Unlock museum level


Unlock Shriek skin

Bat Knight

Unlock Bat Knight skin

Salami Knight

Unlock Salami Knight skin


Start by flashing a guard

Hugh Mungus

Unlock Hugh Mungus Skin

Lil' Ducky

Unlock Lil' Ducky skin

Naughty Santa

Unlock Naughty Santa skin


Unlock Baller skin

Thank you


Unlock Dracula skin

Pizza Boy

Unlock Pizza Boy skin


Unlock Pony-man skin

Moe Ranger

Unlock Moe Ranger skin


Unlock Gunslinger skin


Unlock Asmodeus skin

Italian Plumber

Unlock Italian Plumber skin

Hugh G. Rection

Unlock Hugh G. Rection skin

Catch me if you can

Get 100 000 points on office without blocking enemies


Unlock Samurai skin

Crowd Pleaser

Flash 10 girls at once

Pain in the ass

Have 30 people chasing you

Living on the edge

Stun 30 guards having only one heart left