Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Cat's eye

Have made an observation.

Single gear

Have solved a riddle.


Have answered a question from the little grey cells.

Rustic confessional

Have completed an interrogation.

Cupid bow moustache

Have finished Andover.


Have read any newspaper.

Walrus moustache

Have told Japp about the second crime.

Four-leaf clover

Have tidied up once.

Double gear

Have solved half the riddles.

Romanic confessional

Have completed half of the interrogations.

Small donkey

Have made a mistake …


Have answered half of the questions from the little grey cells.

Pyramidal moustache

Have finished the Bexhill inquiry.

Falcon's eye

Have made half of the observations.

Marshal moustache

Have prepared to leave for Churston.

Samurai moustache

Have opened the secret cupboard of Sir Carmichael's secretary.

Fantastical moustache

Have discussed porcelain with Thora Grey.

Pencil moustache

Have finished the first inquiry in Churston.

Secret heart

Have discovered Thora Grey's intentions.

Nietzsche moustache

Have successfully completed the meeting of suspects.

Curve and swoop moustache

Have brought all the suspects to Whitehaven.

Einstein moustache

The viewpoint of a sick old lady has as much value as that of a pretty and young girl.

Purring tomcat

Have made yourself at home.


Have tidied up twice.


Have searched the entire Churston manor.

Freud moustache

Have helped Donald Fraser to interpret his dream.

Thor's hammer

Have successfully completed Thora Grey's second interrogation

Gold paper knife

Have successfully compared all the murderer's letters.


Have answered all the questions from the little grey cells.

Handlebar moustache

Have prevented the fourth crime.

Quadruple gear

Have solved all the riddles.

Gothic confessional

Have completed all the interrogations.

Kaiser moustache

Have finished Cust's interrogation.

Red cross

Have helped Lady Cust and A.B. Cust.

Imperial moustache

Have unmasked murderer!

Candelabra moustache

Have finished the inquiry at Cust's.

Hungarian moustache

Gandhi moustache

Have opted for a non-violent end by choosing blank bullets.


Hare read a newspaper which criticises Poirot.

Cesium-133 crystal

Have tidied up thrice.

Dali moustache

Have made Mary Drower cry.

Black dragon

Have found all the black dragons in Churston.

Incense burner

Have read the last newspaper.

Black swan

Have caused Donbar's heart attack over the telephone.

Sheriff moustache

Have saved Donbar's life over the telephone.

Medium donkey

Have made four mistakes …

Cleaning tomcat

Have taken care of your moustache in all the places with a mirror.

Eagle's eye

Have made all the observations.

Dragon's smoke

Have accused Thora Grey of black magic.

Large donkey

Have made eight mistakes …