Fran Bow achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Find Mr. Midnight!

Reunite with your best friend

Toad on board!

Beat the Toader mini-game!

I found my way out

Beat the Maze mini-game!

Dr. Love

Kotrem is no longer divorced

The end

Finish Fran Bow

A troll... RUN!

Beat the Troll mini-game!

The kind thief

Return what you stole

Faster than a snail!

Win against the Snail five times

Hello dolly!

Find the Twin's favorite doll

Feeding the robot rabbit

Give the robot rabbit three carrots

It tasted fabulous!

Cake and sweet craving


Light the candles

Sleepy Princess

Make the Guard fall asleep

Oops! You crashed the game

The Itwork computer crashes

This is Electroman!

Electrocute the doctor three times

I burn you!

Burning rope


Afuga Merzenis

The old story

Find the picture behind the door