Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Careful Seeker

Find the first ornament


Find the first card from the Pantheon

Caring Heart

Over the Rainbow


Complete any Hidden Object Puzzle without using a Hint

Hawk Eye

Find 3 Hidden Objects in 3 seconds

Fast as Lightning

Finish a Minigame in less than 1 minute

Champion of Light

Clever One

Finish three Minigames in a row without skipping

Friends in need

Master of Escape

The Ritual

Slavic Expert

Find half of all ornaments

Mighty Warrior

Legends' Seeker

Find half of the cards from the Pantheon

The Weapon

Our Magical Family

Save the World

Movie Fan

Watch all the cutscenes from the first hour of the game


Read all the notes placed throughout the game


Finish both Portal Travel Minigames without a mistake


Finish all Battle Runes Minigames without a mistake

Precise Targeting

Complete 3 Hidden Object Puzzles with no more than 5 mistakes in each one

Slavic Soul

Find all the ornaments


Complete all Hidden Object Puzzles without using a Hint


Finish all Minigames without skipping

Mythology Expert

Find all the cards from the Pantheon

Fast and Precise

Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 30 seconds