Organ Trail: Director's Cut achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Silver Bullet

Kill 25 zombies without missing a shot.

Fording Master

Successfully forde a horde of zombies 3 times.

Make The Call

Put down an infected party member who has passed out.


Scavenge more than double the supplies you can carry.

This Car's A Lemon

The station wagon breaks down 4 times during the trip.


Kill 500 zombies

Deja Vu

Find your own grave.

I Can't Do It

Don't pull the trigger

Zombie Chew Toy

Get attacked by zombies 20 times during scavenging.

Big Boss

Survive all 3 boss encounters.


Make it to Safe Heaven without starting with any money or selling anything.

Pimp Your Ride

Fully upgrade your station wagon.

The Loner

Kill all the other members of your party while they are healthy.

Don, Bill & Paul's Curse

Someone died of dysentery.

Fat Cat

Have $1000 on you.

Take No Prisoners

Always choose to shoot your way through zombie hoardes.

Life On The Other Side

Become a zombie.

There Can Only Be One

Your party dead, you made it to Safe Heaven alone.

Night of the Living Dev

Kill "Ryan" at the start of a game.

Scavenger Pro

Make it to Safe Heaven without starting with any food or buying any food.

True Survivor

Beat the game on hard.

Pills Here!

Use 50 medkits

Trader Jose's

Beat the game without trading anything on the road.

I Know A Guy...

Make it to Safe Haven with George Romero in your party.


Investigate 30 points of interest.


Beat the game five times.

Grave Robber

Stop at 50 tombstones.


[Secret] sacrifices himself for the greater good.