Idol Hands achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Let's Get Started

Play the game for the first time

Mine Iron Ore

Expose your first iron ore

Completed 1st Tutorial

Finish "In the Beginning...", the first tutorial level

Holy Prayer

Create your first priest

Build an Army

Create your first army of 10 soldiers

No Casualties

Complete a level without losing one of your furlings

Priestly Novice

Your priest converts his first enemy furling

Lightning Power

Throw 20 lightning bolts in a single level

Killing Fields

Kill 200 enemy furlings

Training Complete

Complete all tutorials

Quaking Mad

Trigger 10 earthquakes in a single level

Eruption Disruption

Create 5 volcanoes in a single level

The Final Battle

Game completed by winning the final level

Rain God

Make it rain 20 times in a single level

Volcanic Destruction

Destroy 10 buildings with volcanoes

Screaming Fireballs

Throw 5 meteors in a single level

Wood Shortage

Complete level 5 onwards with only 5 woodcutters

Religious Conversion

Your priests have converted 20 enemy soldiers

Food Rations

Complete level 5 onwards with only 6 farmers

Tree Expert

Collect 10,000 units of wood