Guardians of Graxia achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Great Sacrifice

Eliminate a unit during the Battle Phase by sacrificing one of your own (for Map Pack 1)

Gift of Efficacy

Cast the "Gift of Efficacy" spell on a friendly unit

Fire Sale

Hit at least three enemy units simultaneously with either the Hell Storm or Wild Fire spell cards

The Destroyer

Raise a single unit's Attack to 25 (excluding Large Creatures)

Guardian Killer

Eliminate an enemy Guardian with your own Guardian without dying (for Map Pack 1)

The Survivor

Raise a single unit's Health to 25 (excluding Large Creatures)

Quick Strike

Win a map in 1 turn

Standards Upheld

Win 5 Campaign maps with Standard Victories

Guardian of the Land

Win 4 Skirmish maps with Guardian Victories

The Defender

Raise a single unit's Defense to 25 (excluding Large Creatures)


Win 5 Campaign maps with Guardian Victories

Ultimate Guardian

Beat the Campaign

Master of All

Achieve a Guardian Victory on any Skirmish map with all available Guardians (for Map Pack 1)

Epic Creature

Eliminate 15 enemy units with 1 Large Creature (for Map Pack 1)