Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut achievement guide & roadmap



16 missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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First Takedown


Perform your first Takedown. Civilians don't count, so be nice.

First Hack

Story, Unmissable,

Perform your first Hack successfully.


Unforeseen Consequence

Up the Ante!

Upgrade your first weapon of choice.

Lesser Evil

Deal with Mr. Carella's indiscretion.


Fully upgrade your first augmentation of choice.

Motherly Ties

Story, Optional,

Put a grieving mother's doubts to rest.

The Bull

Story, Unmissable,

The Desk Job

Story, Missable,

Yes Boss


Objective, Missable,

Successfully hack at least 50 devices within the same playthrough.

The Mantis

Darker Shades

Rotten Business

Story, Optional,

Help a lady in the oldest of professions clean house.

Shanghai Justice

Story, Optional, Partially glitched,

It may take some sleuthing, but justice must be served.

Super Sleuth


Objective, Optional,

Perform 50 takedowns within the same playthrough. (Civilians don't count).

Smash the State

Story, Optional,

Help Officer Nicholas take out the trash.

Bar Tab

Story, Optional,

Help the Hive Bartender settle a tab.

Out of the Frying Pan

Story, Unmissable,

Corporate Warfare

Protect a client's interests by performing a less-than-hostile takeover.

Consciousness is Over-rated

Objective, Optional,

Knock out at least 100 enemies in a single playthrough.

Good Samaritan

Objective, Missable,

Cloak & Daggers

Deal with the man in the shadows.

Never Stop Looking

The Snake

Story, Unmissable,

The End


Story, Unmissable,

Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut.

The Final Countdown

The Last Straw

Acquaintances Forgotten

Story, Missable,

Follow Pritchard's lead to uncover the truth.

Guardian Angel

The Throwdown

Good Soul

Ladies Man

The Fall

Objective, Missable,

Knock Diamond Chan unconscious and drop his body off the roof.

Talion A.D.

Descend into the bowels of an urban jungle and confront a warrior-priest.


Objective, Missable,

The learn'd Scholar

Gun Nut

Objective, Missable,

Fully upgrade one of your weapons.

Back Stage Pass

Story, Optional,

All of the Above

Apex Predator

Kevorkian Complex

Story, Missable,

Simply administer Brent Radford a lethal dose of morphine (part of the Acquaintances Forgotten quest).

Deus Ex Machina

Story, Missable,

Experience all the different endings that Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut has to offer.

Lucky Guess

Objective, Missable,

While working on the Smash the State quest, disable the bomb by entering the code (0000) instead of hacking it. Automatic Unlocking Device (AUD) might also work.

Old School Gamer

Objective, Missable,

Interact with all 6 objects at Megan's room in beginning of the game.

That Old Adage

The D Project

Story, Missable,

After finishing the game do not skip credits, because a hidden cutscene will be displayed at the end.


Story, Optional,

Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut at its hardest setting without ever changing the difficulty.

Sentimental Value

Hangar 18

Objective, Missable,

Before taking the rocket to Panchaea you have to hack the secret terminal in the hangar and read the secret message.

Never Forget

Objective, Missable,

Missing Link - Find the crate that you were discovered in.

The Take


Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights don't count).

Foxiest of the Hounds

Objective, Optional,

Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut without setting off any alarms.

Factory Zero

Objective, Missable,

Complete the Missing Link Missions without unlocking any augmentations or using explosives and weapons.


Objective, Missable,

Read all 29 XP books within a single playthrough.