Timelines: Assault on America achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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First Blood

Destruction of first enemy unit encountered

First Airstrike

Deployment of first Airstrike

First Minefield

Deployment of first Minefield


Earn 200 points

Destruction Expert

Destroy 500 Enemy Units


Earn 400 points

Staff Sergeant

Earn 600 points

Technical Sergeant

Earn 800 points

Master Sergeant

Earn 1000 points

First Sergeant

Earn 1200 points

2nd Lieutenant

Earn 1400 points

1nd Lieutenant

Earn 1600 points


Earn 1800 points


Earn 2000 points

American Hero

Completed single player campaign

Lt. Colonel

Earn 2200 points

Mine Expert

50 Minefields deployed

Destruction Master

Destroy 2500 Enemy Units


Earn 2400 points

Multiplayer Specialist

10 multiplayer games won

Airstrike Expert

100 Airstrike Attacks deployed

Mine Master

250 Minefields deployed

Brigadier General

Earn 2600 points

Airstrike Master

250 Airstrike Attacks deployed

Major General

Earn 2800 points

Lieutenant General

Earn 3000 points


Earn 3200 points

Multiplayer Expert

50 multiplayer games won

General of the Armies

Earn 3400 points

Multiplayer Master

250 multiplayer games won