One Leaves achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Off to a Good Start

Completed the First Interaction

Turned Around?

Solved the Looping Hallway

Light the Way

Found the Hidden Flashlight

What have You Learned?

Solved the Library Puzzle

Up in Smoke

Found the Smokers Favorite Spot

Hurts to Breathe

Discovered the Tarred Lungs

Open Up

Opened All Four Drawers in the Morgue

One of Three

Traversed the Maze and was Trapped

Down the Rabbit Hole

Made it to the Sewer Level

You'll be Back...

Found the Smokers Lounge

Not so Pearly Whites

Found the Diseased Mouth

You're the One

Traversed the Maze and Made It Out

Don't Let This Be You

Found the Ex-Smoker

One More Out of the Pack

Traversed the Maze 20 Times