Arizona Sunshine achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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And the award for Can Killer goes to...

Finish the level Base

Steady Hand

Kill 50 zombies with a Headshot


Collect some loot!

Headshots like a Boss!

Kill 100 zombies with a Headshot

It's a Sunny Day!

Finish the level Bridge

Charley Horse

Play for a total of 2 hours

No Mercy

Kill all zombies that are locked up in the cage in Canyon

It's getting Hot Hot Hot!

Finish the level Canyon

So Sqhuishy

Throw a duck

Freddy, you there?

Play for a total of 3 hours

Master Scavenger

Collect a ton of loot!

Badabing Badaboom!

Kill 20 zombies using grenades

Flashed your way out!

Finish the level Caves

Eye see you..

Shoot with a sniper in the game

You climbed the

Climb the scaffold in the level Traintracks


Finish the level Traintracks

Baby Wipe War

Shoot with the Machine Gun in the Refinery

Biting the Bullet

Finish the level Refinery


Finish the level Trailerpark

I'm not the only one?

Listen to the radio in the level Sunshine

You Win!

Finish the level Sunshine


Complete the entire campaign!

Medium well beef plz

Eat 10 burgers

Juicy Meat

Collect 20 burgers

A Thousand Miles

Walk a distance of 10 miles

Direct Hit!

Kill a zombie with an object

Skull Cracker

Kill 300 zombies in Horde Mode (streak)

Last Man Standing

Be the only survivor in Horde Mode

VR Creep!

Play the game for 4 hours in a row

We have ourselves a Cowboy

Kill 400 zombies in Horde Mode (streak)

Duck Attack!

Kill a zombie with a duck

Green Thumb

Pick up all shovels inside the shop in the level Sunshine

The Sherrif has arrived!

Kill 1000 zombies in Horde Mode (streak)

Gun Collector

Collect all the guns in the game

Quack Quack %$#@!

Collect all the ducks in the game

Hard Boiled

Complete the Apocalyptic Mode