Wayward Manor achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 81 unknown)

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Bottled Up

Use up all the bottles in the level

Plate on a Maid

Bonk Dagmara on the head with a plate

Rat Trap

Scare the Rat

Collateral Vomit

Use a doll to vomit on Mildred and a dress at the same time

Haunted Chest

Slide the chest from under Benny

Service these days...

Have Mildred crash into Dagmara

Double Bang

Scare Dagmara and Hubert at once with an explosion

Grand China Crash

Destroy the China Shelf

Hubert's Revenge

Hit a twin with Hubert's punching glove

Bad Service

Hit Toombs with an arrow


Make a twin slip get caught in a mousetrap

Straight From the Bottle

Spike Herkimer's drink without using the punchbowl

A Light Explosion

Scare Theophilus with an explosion and a candle snuffing at once

Dagmara's Revenge

Finish the level without scaring Dagmara


Hit Dagmara with an arrow

Twin Revenge

Have the twins beat up Hubert

Surprise Mice Twice

Scare Dagmara with two rats without haunting the rat holes


Light two things with one fireball

Bull in a China Shop

Destroy all China Plates and Carts

Look up!

Hit Dagmara with two bottles

Ping Pong

Push Dagmara twice in a row


Scare Theophilus with an explosion

Double Bottle

Use up both bottles

Intruder Alert

Make Dagmara see the Goon

Bunny Abuse

Trap the Bunny

Bunny Bonfire

Burn the bunny

Double Rat Bunny Cuddles!

Have the rat carry the bunny twice

A Woman's Work

Make Theophilus flee before Mildred

Crispy Bunny

Explode the Bunny in 5-7


Revisit an old friend

Out of the Way!

Hit Mildred with an arrow

Triple Explosion Madness

Scare Benny with three explosions

Bunny Spillage

Spill the drink with the bunny

Doorless Chambers

Lead Theophilus to the right

Double Tail

Scare Dagmara twice with rat tails

Direct Hit!

Make Toombs shoot himself in 5-7

Up to his Head

Bonk Herkimer with two bottles

In the Tiki Tiki Room

Lead Theophilus to the left

Chest to his chest

Smash Benny with the chest

One Last Time For the Road

Explode the Brat in 5-5

Preemptive Strike

Have Hubert run to hide immediately after being exposed in 5-5

Child Defender

Have the bunny scare Dagmara


Finish 5-3 without breaking the glass

Timed Keg Blowout

Snuff out a candle with the powderkeg

Volatile Maid

Scare Dagmara with an explosion

Fire in the Hole!

Hit Theophilus with an explosion

Double Grossout

Have two kinds of vomit mess a dress

Oh Hai Benny!

Revisit an old friend again

Hot Dress

Set a dress aflame

Fool Me Twice

Help Toombs in 5-4

Spiked Bunny

Drop the bunny in the punchbowl

Drown the Noise

Turn off a gramophone without Herkimer punching it

Things that go bump in the dark

Finish the level only by putting out lights

Triple Traps

Use three mousetraps on rats

Dumb Until the End

Make the twins fight

Four Bottles for Two Twins

Use up four bottles

Efficient Vandalism

Free Hubert using only five firecrackers in 5-5

Friendly Fire

Hit Herkimer with a bottle

Exploding Rat

Explode the rat

Off the Wagon

Finish the level by only getting Herkimer drunk

My Babies!

Burn down both tiger heads

Triple Brat Trap!

Trap Hubert in three mousetraps

Triple Bottle

Hit three rats with bottles

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Don't use any bottles in 5-3

Bottle Free

Finish the level without breaking a single bottle

Right in the Kisser

Hit Toombs with a bottle

Not Without my Dress

Save Mildred's last dress

You Had Apples Too?

Make the Twins share an Apple

Can I Haz Bottle?

Hit a cat with a bottle

On the Wagon

Finish the level without getting Herkimer drunk

Bottle to Noggin

Hit Mildred with all the bottles

Out, Out, Damn Spot!

Make Mildred messy four times

Moms, Maids and Mice

Have Mildred, Dagmara and the rat meet

Go to your Room!

Make Hubert escape the room before Theophilus

Goodbye Brat

Get rid of all of Hubert's hiding places

Mess the Dress

Finish the level using only messy dresses


Have Mildred spank Fortitude

Third Time's the Charm

Make Herkimer dance three times


Have Mildred spank Patience

Spectral Protector

Don't let Toombs Scare Polly twice

Hit Him When He's Down

Hit Toombs seven times in 5-6