Operencia: The Stolen Sun achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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First Blood

Win a battle

Let's Do This

Level up a character


Story, Unmissable,

Complete Gate to the Underworld

I Know Kung Fu

Unlock at least three skills from any talent tree

Battle Ready

Equip an item to all slots of a character


Complete Lake of Anna

Deep Breath


Unlock the last tier of at least one talent tree

The Ghost Queen

Story, Unmissable,

Complete the First Royal Tomb


Pile up ten pieces of Firewood

Escape the Woods

Story, Unmissable,

Complete The Great Forest

One for the Team

Buy any equipment from Elia

Bone Chest


Hammer Time

Complete Deva Fortress


Equip a full armor set on any character

Star Gate

Complete Bálványos

One Punch Man

Defeat an enemy group with one hit

Lord of the Fireflies

Complete World Tree

Leaf Lifter

Complete Atop the World Tree

Drunk Botany

Special Diet



Complete Copper Forest

Final Cut

Complete Deep in the Copper Forest

Skull Dice

Well, Done

A Royal Welcome

Complete the Second Royal Tomb


Complete Gate to the Underworld

Over 220

Reach 220+ on all three main battle stat at the same time

Rooster Letterbox

Summer Camp

Discover all campfires

Underworld Defeated

Complete the game with any difficulty settings


Unlock everything on two talent trees for at least one character


Master Chef

Find all recipes


Brew all potions

Boy Scout

Reach the highest level with all characters

Up, Up and Away

Shovel, Knight

Dig up all buried treasures

Don't Touch!


Defeat all enemies in the game

Out of Stock

Buy everything from Elia's stock

Every Corner

Reveal all secrets


Fully reveal all maps

Master Thief

Open all locked chests


Complete the game with at least two difficulty settings switched to hard