Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Your only friend

Purchase a familiar.

Tonight we dine on crab soup

Defeat the Big Friendly Crab.

Chunky salsa

Gib three enemies in one second.

Interactive paradox

Unlock this achievement to unlock this achievement.

Passing the moose test

Defeat the Elk Dragon.

Sudden demise

Suffer at least 500 damage in one blow.

Oblivious to the elements

Die from a stage hazard.


Multiplayer: Kill a fellow wizard.

Knock your block off

Get decapitated.

An ice lady

Defeat Disa.


Kill a Land Shark with a Thunder bolt.


Win a stage without ever using the Life element.

The detentaclenator

Defeat the Dark Young.


Imbue a personal barrier with three different elements.

The weakest link

Multiplayer: Die at least twice as often as all your teammates combined.

Goddess buster

Defeat Helsdottir.

Spectacular demise

Suffer at least 1000 damage in one blow.


Win a stage by blowing every single enemy to bits.

Extra style bonus

Explode so hard that your staff makes 3 full rotations before landing.

Go out with a bang

Cast Supernova.

Legendary demise

Suffer at least 5000 damage in one blow.

The yellow wizard always dies

Multiplayer: Have the yellow wizard die first in a stage's very first encounter.

Party trick

Get blown to bits and have your staff get stuck in the ground pole-first.

Black comedy gold

Let a Seagal die from Oil.

You and your friends are dead

Multiplayer: Have a team of four wizards all die.

Green wins by doing nothing

Multiplayer: Have the green wizard never die or cast a single spell and still win the stage.

Out to get you

Get killed by your own staff.

Critical existence failure

Blow yourself up with a regular self-targeted spell.

Surpassing the Master

Defeat Grampa the Gray.

No respect for personal space

Multiplayer: Telefrag a fellow wizard.

Atomic backstab

Multiplayer: Deal at least 800 damage to a fellow wizard in one attack.