Battle Islands achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 97 unknown)

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Greenhorn III

Complete the tutorial

No Man's Land II

Remove 8 obstacles from your islands

Skipper II

Promote the warship in the command bunker

Cannon Fodder II

Lose 500 riflemen in battle

Aviator II

Promote the bomber in the command bunker

Terra Firma II

Expand your base to 4 islands

Bandit II

Loot 2500000 supplies from the enemy

TrailBlazer II

Attain 10 consecutive victories against the enemy

Strategist III

Attain 45 stars in the campaign

Architect III

Upgrade command bunker to rank 8

Warmonger II

Attain 100 offensive victories against the enemy

Treasurer III

Upgrade a supply depot to rank 10

Home Guard II

Garrison 500 army units

Tag Collector III

Acquire 2500 dog tags from the enemy