Besiege achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Set yourself on fire

The Flash

Go faster than 60 km/h with your machine

Barely Standing

Complete Standing Stone without using armor

The copy-cat

Subscribe and download someone else's machine

Raw Fodder

Beat Queens Fodder without using fire or explosives

A Swift Siege

Complete a campaign level under 2 seconds

Lord of the Lyre

Conquer Ipsilon


Defeat 1000 AI units

It was hot, now it's not

Put out a burning block using water

Freezing Frontier

Reach enough altitude to freeze your machine

Piloting 101

Beat Scouts of Tolbrynd without cannons, flamethrowers or crossbows

The High Duke

Conquer Tolbrynd

Nimble Thief

Steal the Duke's knowledge before someone notices!


Destroy the Duke's freighters without flying blocks

The Handyman

Complete a campaign level with under 3 blocks


Get hit by lightning

Monarch of Frost

Conquer Valfross

Bell Thing

Ring all 3 Awakening Bells at the same time

Multiversal Challenge

Complete a player-made map

Grilled Birbs

Beat the Southern Shrine by primarily using fire to kill the birds

The Creator

Build your first level using the level editor

Who Need A Mechanic?

Beat the Consumed King without using mechanical blocks

Sharing is caring

Share your machine with the whole world

Through and Through

Complete the Mountain Barrier without explosives

I've Got Friends

At least 2 players joined your server

The Rube Goldberg Machine

Complete Perimeter Wall without pressing a key


Complete the Campaign

The Rube Goldberg Machine (2)

Complete Old Mining Site without pressing a key

Emperor of Sand

Complete Krolmar


Complete Towering Eye without ever being hit

Bomb Battlefield

Beat Old Howl Battlefield while having blown up all the bombs

Atlas' Challenge

Lift the boulder in Stock Tower 10 units off the ground

Like Clockwork

Complete the Revolving Monolith without using Grabbers

Tree Hugger

Complete Tree of Akhmora without using Crossbows, Cannons and Explosives

Demolition Expert

Complete Kahraz Village without using Cannons, Crossbows, Drills or Saws

The Social One

Joined over 25 servers