Quest for Infamy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 59 unknown)

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Toast of the Town

Thankfully there's a healer nearby

You thought you were dead for a moment there, but you woke up in Jerrod's feeling much better.

Working for the Man

You helped out around the docks of Tyr. For Money.

Beast Master

You killed the beast. Her name was Johanna if you wanted to know.

Reading is fundamental

Let there be Light

Good Old Stories

Reuniting the Seal

Act 1

You've finished Act 1 of Quest for Infamy. Hooray!

Puzzles are Hard!

You defeated the puzzle board.

You Sneaky Bastard

You're a Rogue.

A Regular Wilberforce

Kraken Good Times

Act 2

No more working for Rayford!

Hocus Pocus

You're a Sorcerer.

What's his name again?

It's not easy being green

Act 3

You Win!

You Found It

You found the thieves den while travelling the Rogue's path.

He Deserved It

Poor Paw


You're a Brigand.

Jan loves you

A Paladin loves you

An Arrow through your heart

You Got Coned

Pretty Good Sorcerer

You mastered your spells to a pretty good level. At least they're more powerful now.

Paying for information

Friends in high places

Stop Shaking Me

The Great Unpicker

You opened the lock. It really wasn't that hard was it?

That bastard deserved worse!

That's a lot of stuff

You found and created all the magic spells for Prospero while travelling the Sorcerer's path.

Don't mess with a fat man

Blackbird No Longer Singing

You stole the bird while travelling the path of the Rogue.

Horse Lover

You found and delivered mastadon to Kurdt, your first real task on the path of the Brigand.

Green is the new white

Burn Baby Burn

Break, Rattle and Roll


Sewer Rat

Paying with food

Expert Thief

You broke into all the houses you could.

Collector of Useless Crap

Kick-Ass Sorcerer

You maxed out your spells! You really kick some ass.

You picked ... the hard way

Sir Chat-A-Lot

You talked with everyone in Volksville you needed to speak with to progress to the execution.

You look like a dwarf

You looted every available container, drum and stash in the mines.


You achieved a perfect score in archery.

Over an apple?

You picked ... the easy way

He dropped the moonshine!

I know the way


Staked Your Claim

Pitched Your Tent

Clock Watcher

Simply the Best

You defeated every random monster in the Valley of Krasna.

Min / Maxed

You raised your combat skills to 100. That took a lot of effort so, really, well done you.