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No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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No, this is not Minecr...

Enter to the first room

Yes, you can jump

Jump 1 time

Yeah, do it again

Jump 10 times

We've only just begun

Die 1 time

Good Luck!

Leave the room

Do you feel it?

Die 10 times

More please

Jump 100 times

Jump baby jump

Pass first jumps


Pass saw room

Are you still here?

Die 100 times

That's not all?!

Insert cup


To solve a riddle (Numeric)

This is just the beginning

Complete 1st level

What is it?

Find the wheel


Fall off the bridge

Not Again..


He is alive!

Turn the bridge

You found it!

Blow out the candle

Lucky guy!

Pass the rocks

Remember All

Complete purple room

Feel it?

Walk to the center of the hall

Not bad, Not bad

Complete Level 2

How did you do this?

Find a ladder


Jump over the ladder

Are you serious?

Jump 1000 times

Come on?!

Complete Level 3

You're a man?!

Complete Level 4


Die 1000 times

Hello from first level

Tower of Hanoi

Complete red room


Complete green room

Secret path

Find the secret path!


Complete Level 5


Jump 10 000 times