DarkEnd achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Into Darkness

Enter the corrupted world of DarkEnd for the first time.

Corrupt No More!

Cleared the Corrupted Forest!

The Princess is in another castle

Cleared the Desolated Castle, but your quest is far from over!


Cleared the Abandoned mine. Off to work we go!


Finished 10 quests from Fredrick. A small step but admirable!


Just a Pebble in a Pot

Je suis monte!

Slayed your first Dragon and cleared the Burning Caverns! Good job, hunter!

The Cold never bothered you anyway!

Cleared the Frozen Ravine. Frozen no more!

Rest in Pieces

End of the Tunnel

Cleared the Dark Dimension and destroyed all the dark crysts! Way to go!


Finished 40 quests from Fredrick. Almost there!


Finished 20 quests from Fredrick. You got it rolling!

The Dark Ends

Vanquished the darkness once and for all!

Exalted Primagus

Mastered all Primagus abilities!

Meet your Maker!

Defeated the hardest hidden boss!

Peerless Hunter

Mastered all Blood Hunter abilities!


Finished 30 quests from Fredrick. That’s a lot of quests!


Mastered all Knight-Templar abilities!

The Oath Keeper

Finished the game with Griselda.

Bright Beginnings

Finished the game with all four characters to witness the truth behind DarkEnd!

The Cursed Beast

Finished the game with Svas.

The Radiant Sun

Finished the game with Xia.

The Emissary of the Olds

Finished the game with Lucion.

Prime Necromagus

Mastered all Necromagus abilities!

Quest Master

Finished all available quests from Fredrick. Congratulations!