The Deer God achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Hungry Jack

Eat 100 plants in one game.

Family Man

Raise 5 babies.


Eat 25 mushrooms.

All Grown Up

Become an adult.

Train Rider

Ride on a train


Survive for 50 days.

Eagle Eye

Kill the eagle.


Collect all relics.

Blessed Soul

Get full light karma bar.

Choose Elder

Finished the game and became an Elder.

1 Upper

Find 10 deer heads.


Become 3 different animals.


Kill 10 deer.

Tortoise Master

Ride a tortoise through spikes.

Long John Silver

Run for 50,000 meters.

Serial Killer

Get full dark karma bar.

Jack of all Trades

Use 3 items at the same time.

Treasure Hunter

Find 10 treasure boxes.

Goody Two Shoes

Don't kill any creatures for 15 days.


Hatch 3 falcons.

Fox Fire

Kill 5 foxes with fire.

Choose Human

Finished the game and became a human.

Powers that be

Acquire all powers.

Stinky Feet

Collect 10 skunk cabbages.

Farmer Joe

Find 10 turnips.

Put em on Ice

Freeze 5 hunters.


Finish the game with all achievements.

Egg Collector

Collect 25 eggs.

Cow Tipper

Kill 10 cows.

Deer Boss

Beat all bosses.