Crowman & Wolfboy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Child Support

Save your first baby.


Agressive Landscaping

Destroy 50 bushes.


Taking Out the Trash

Destroy 100 trash bags or cans.

Road Kill

Bob's Eagle

Earn 3 stars on Space-1.

Weekend Daddy

Save half of the dark world babies.

Piercing Light

Collect the big orbs in half of the dark world.

Escaped the Planet of Shadows

Beat all Dark World levels.

Bad Luck

Towards the Light

Earn 3 stars on Portal.


Find all 3 Dark World pedestals.

Dark World Hero

Save all dark world babies.

Mad Scientist

Kill 25 robots.


Complete all dark worlds levels without losing a heart.

Explorer of Shadows

Collect all extra points on all Dark World levels.

Orb Hunter

Collect the big orbs in all dark world levels.


Have 500 total small orbs.

Loving Life

Collect all 4 Dark Planet permanent hearts.

Treasure Hunter

Find all collection objects in the Dark World.


Bloody Claws

Kill 300 enemies.

Rookie Cosmonaut

Earn a Bronze medal in Infinite Rocket mode.

Pro Cosmonaut

Earn a Silver medal in Infinite Rocket mode.


Have 1000 total small orbs.

Filthy Rich

Have 3000 total small orbs.


Kill 75 enemies.

Bottomless Pockets

Have 10000 total small orbs.


Kill 500 enemies.

Space Ace

Earn a Gold medal in Infinite Rocket mode.

Serial Killer

Kill 1000 enemies.