Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 57 unknown)

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Sector 1, Completed

Complete Sector 1

Sector 2, Completed

Complete Sector 2

Sector 3, Completed

Complete Sector 3

Sector 4, Completed

Complete Sector 4


Complete the series of magnet puzzles in Sector 5

Sector 5, Completed

Complete Sector 5

Sector 6, Completed

Complete Sector 6

Complete My Secret 1

Complete the hidden puzzle in Sector 4

Tough Going

Complete the hardest puzzle in the game

The Ball

Complete the second ball puzzle in Sector 7

Complete My Secret 2

Complete the hidden beta puzzle in Sector 5

Sector 7, Completed

Complete Sector 7


Complete the final physics puzzle

Behind The Scenes

Find the hidden area in Sector 5

Complete My Secret 3

Complete the hidden puzzle in Sector 6


Complete Q.U.B.E.

Push Me To Completion

Push the ball in the hidden area in Sector 5 down the hallway

Find The Developers

Find a picture of the developers

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Don't touch the floor in Hover Headway