DIG IT! - A Digger Simulator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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It's a start

You've moved one ton of dirt. It's a start.

Scratch the surface

You've dug a 3 ft hole.

Tons of fun

You have now dug up 10 tons of dirt. Keep up the good work!


You completed the first mission, like a real rookie.

Tool juggler

You are now a master of switching tools.

First Buy

Congratulations on your first purchase.

Full load

You filled up the dump truck 100%


You have now bought all the small vehicles. King of the lightweight!

One In The Pocket

You bought your first bucket.

Skillfull Digger

You completed 5 missions. Good job!

Flawless Digger

Fantastic! Your first flawlessly completed mission.

Experienced Digger

You have completed 10 missions. You're now an experienced digger.


All the medium vehicles are now yours.

Filled The Belt

You bought five buckets.

Dirt collector

You have now dug up 100 tons of dirt. Not bad.


You have now acquired all the biggest vehicles. Congratulations!

Dig deeper

You've dug a 15 ft hole.

Iron Master

Congratulations, Iron Master. Noone has more vehicles than you. You've acquired them all.

Immaculate Digger

Five missions completed perfectly!

Stuffed The Shed

You now have all the buckets. Fantastic!

The Abyss master

You've dug a 30 ft hole, and can stare into the abyss.

Gold Digger

Congratulations! You just made your first million.

Perfectionist Digger

Bravo! You have now completed 10 missions perfectly.

Master Digger

You completed all the missions and can now call yourself Master Digger.

Mountain of dirt

You've dug up one thousand tons of dirt. An impressive milestone!

Ultimate Digger

You have completed all the missions perfectly. You're the Ultimate Digger.