Happy Empire achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Get the gold!

Find one gold bag

The tasty meal!

Get five units of food for your workers

Use map to go further!

Choose any level on your map

Open your first chest!

Use your key to open the chest

Be smart!

Finish the level without spending all of your resources

Use the power-up ability!

Speed up your workers movement speed

Fast and furious!

Finish the level without spending half of your time

Get your first key!

Find one secret key

Best axe master!

Cut or collect 10 units of wood!

Get the fish!

Craft your first boat

The true sight!

Find the secret chest

The true hero!

Set the new time record on all levels

Break the spell!

Kick Moramor out from the Empire

The sword for the army!

Gather 40 units of stone

The smart hero!

Read all tips in the game

The protector!

Bring 40 units of wood to the Barracks

Small axe master!

Cut or collect 30 units of wood!

For her heart!

Complete all levels with 3 stars

Bestest axe master!

Cut or collect 20 units of wood!

This ring for the princess!

Collect many units of gold

Use the switch!

Use the switch to open the gates 3 times

Hammer master!

Repair 10 bridges using power ups

For the crown!

Collect 40 diamonds

Do them all!

Don't miss any resources on each level

For the greater crown!

Collect 80 diamonds

True axe master!

Cut or collect 40 units of wood!

My commander!

Command 5 workers

Keeper of the wood!

Gather 40 units of wood for 5 mins

Cold master!

Collect 40 units of frozen food

Use the work power-up ability!

Speed up your worker's labor 10 times

Lit the dragon's fire!

Find the way to the secret cave