Draconian Wars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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First Step

Complete the Tutorials


Extract 15 or more at Ground Zones in a single match

Ruler of the skies

Extract 15 or more at Air Areas in a single match

First Blood

Win your first match

Where are my counters?

Win a match adding less than 7 counters to your pool by discarding cards

New Born

Build your first deck


Win a match with less cards drawn than your opponent


Win a Combat by a difference of 12 or more


Extract at 4 or more Areas in a single turn


Win a match without losing a combat


Win a match with less resources produced than your opponent

King of Hyperborea

Complete the Skirmish mode


Win a match without winning a combat

Hello World

Win your first multiplayer game

A Time for Defiance

Win a match with only one card remaining at any of your piles

Holy Ground

Win a match without making an extraction


Spend a total amount of 30000 coins in the shop

Emperor of Hyperborea

Complete the Skirmish mode again

Billy The Kid

Use a Weapon ability 7 or more times during the same match

Children of the Moon

Build your first Neutral Deck

Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Complete all the Challenges


Buy all the sleeves available at the shop

One Man Army

Win a match summoning less than half the number of units your opponent summoned


Buy all the avatars available at the shop

El Dorado

Build your first deck with only foil cards


Win 5 multiplayer games in a row

King of the Hill

Win 100 multiplayer games