Krautscape achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Driving License

Finish Drive tutorial

Flying License

Finish Fly tutorial

Construction Worker License

Finish Build tutorial

Air Fail

Fail to land after more than 60 seconds in the air


Stay in the air for 90 seconds


Build 1000 track elements

Back on Track

Land on the same track element after more than 60 seconds of flying

Professional Driver

Finish all Drive tracks with medal

No Reset

Win an online game without resetting the car

Couch potato

Finish 10 split-screen races

Gustave Eiffel

Reach 50 points in Build mode

Ping Pong Master

Win 5 online Ping Pong races

Snake Master

Win 5 online Snake races


Win an online game without using your wings

Old School

Finish 10 LAN races

Collector Master

Win 5 online Collector races

Professional Pilot

Finish all Fly tracks with medal

Golden Wheels

Finish all Drive tracks with gold

Joseph Strauss

Reach 100 points in Build mode


Win all gold medals

Golden Wings

Finish all Fly tracks with gold


Build 10000 track elements

Robert Maillart

Reach 150 points in Build mode