Into the Stars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Into the Stars

Begin your journey

Where no man has gone...

Explore a new planet for the first time

Technological Advancement

Discover a new module

Civilian Construction

Construct a civilian building

To the Last Drop

Mine a planet until the timer reaches 0

Silent Grave

Explore an Ark wreckage

Galactic Trader

Perform a trade with an Alien Race

Once Marooned

Find a survivor to replace a lost crew member

A New Home

Complete the journey to Titus Nova

Death to the Skorn

Kill a Skorn ship in combat


Reach Titus Nova on Explorer or higher difficulty

Say No to Pirates

Defeat a Menkhet Pirate

Best of the Best

Reach Titus Nova and receive an A or higher Grade

Seasoned Captain

Reach Titus Nova on Normal or higher difficulty

Piracy When Necessary

Find a Storage Container hidden in the world

Legendary Captain

Reach Titus Nova on Pursuit Difficulty

Enemy Remnant

Explore a Skorn wreckage