Aliens Go Home Run achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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The First, but not the Last

Beat 1-5

Because One Alien Just Wasn't Enough

Unlock World 2

Total Knockout!

Beat 2-5

Time to Cool Down

Unlock World 3

This is my Ultimate Form

Have a Bubble, Multiball, and BatWave at the same time

Don't give people the Cold Shoulder

Beat 3-5

Hey Don't Flip People Off. Not Cool.

Unlock World 4

Out of the Park!

Beat all of World 1

It's all Smoke and Mirrors, Honestly

Beat 4-5

I Hope these Stains come off in the Wash.

Unlock World 5

Grand Slammer in the Works

Beat all of World 5

Suburban Commando

Beat all of World 2

I guess this is Fair Game

Beat all of World 4

My City Now

Beat all of World 3

Who's the Boss

Beat all of Boss Rush Mode