Cranky Cat achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Starry Eyed

Get 25 stars in Story Mode


Get 50 stars in Story Mode

Twinkle, Twinkle

Get 100 stars in Story Mode

Forays into Puzzledom

Complete 15 puzzles

A Mile a Minute

Survive one minute in Lightning Mode

Herculean Exertions

Survive 3 minutes in Lightning Mode

Rather Puzzling

Complete 30 puzzles

Big Dipper

Get 200 stars in Story Mode

A State of Bepuzzlement

Complete 50 puzzles

The Midnight Sky

Get 300 stars in Story Mode

Digital Dexterity

Survive 3 minutes in Hot Potato Mode

A Sphinxian Enigma

Complete 75 puzzles

Asthenopia Muscularis

Survive 5 minutes in Lightning Mode

Profoundly Perplexing

Complete 100 puzzles

The First Magnitude

Get all 360 stars in Story Mode

Prize Puzzler

Complete all 120 puzzles

Uncommon Agility

Survive 4 minutes in Hot Potato Mode

Feats of Legerdemain

Survive 5 minutes in Hot Potato Mode

Maximum Pressure

Survive 6 minutes in Lightning Mode


Survive 6 minutes in Hot Potato Mode

Dethroner of Monarchs

Survive 7 minutes in Lightning Mode