Lumo achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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"I can see my house fro… no, wait, I can't."

Collect the Agility Orb

SD Or Not SD?

Multiface II: Judgment Day

*Hashtag RCFF*

Drop The Kids Off...

Kamikaze Bear


You Can't Beat A Bit Of Bully

Hit the bullseye with the Boing Gun

Mmmm, rPI

Gimme An E!

Collect the first bonus E in the Warp Zone

"Will you start the fans, please!"

Start the fan in the Orb Maze

Gimme A T!

Collect the bonus T in the Warp Zone

Zapped 64

Collect 64 logos

Gimme An X!

Collect the bonus X in the Warp Zone


Collect all 32 ducks – any way, any how

I Don't Ken

The Hat Is Back!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

"I've quit better jobs than this…"

Mean Machines

Fail to collect any of the bonus letters

Operation Cat

Gimme Another E!

Collect the second bonus E in the Warp Zone

Ordnance Surveyor

Collect all the map pages

Manic Mining

Collect all of the coins in the Mine without dying

Bub 'N Bob

Fly the bubble to the end without dying

Gimme An N!

Collect the bonus N in the Warp Zone

Sorted For Es And...

Kiss Chase

Gimme A D!

Collect the bonus D in the Warp Zone

Spec Chum

Eddie The Eagle

Collect all coins and hit all gates without dying on the ski run


Get to the top with 60 seconds (or more) remaining

Full Price

Collect all of the coins

Ate Bit

The Games Machine

Collect all of the bonus letters


Paint the floor without dying

Yes, It's In Here...


Clear the dice with 60 seconds (or more) remaining

Paper Person

Cascade Cassette 50

Duck Hunt

Collect all 32 ducks without dying while holding a duck


Bounce to the end with 110 seconds (or more) remaining

Zax On, Zax Off

Old Skool Daze!

Complete the game in Old School mode

Cerny Method

Roll to the end with 115 seconds (or more) remaining