Agony UNRATED achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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Abort 5 pregnancies

Nice try

Try to push an onoskelis to the pit

Wait for me my Goddess!

Finish 1 level

Can I lick it?

Use a finisher on onoskelis as a succubus

Im thirsty!

Possess onoskelis

Pact with the devil

Finish 2 level

The force is with me

Possess a chort

The Jaws

Activate 30 collapsing floors and survive

There is always something bigger

Kill an enormous chort

They're now in the better place

Sacrifice 5 children at the altar

To the sunset!

Finish 3 level

Where are you, pet?

Finish 1 level as a succubus

Im on fire! But i like it.

Possess an ifrit

Never ending Agony

Finish 4 level

The Scarlet Woman

Normal ending

You're so Hot right now

Hit a demon with a torch 20 times

This time, I will use elevator

Finish 2 level as a succubus

Heart breaker

Kill a chort as a succubus

Did I just bore him?

Survive Baphomet bossfight

Finally, a bath!

Finish 3 level as a succubus

What a beautiful taste!

Finish 4 level as a succubus

Pull it out!

succubus ending

I have a beautiful soul!

Max out every skill


Kill 30 infants

What have I done?

Unlock all comic pages

The richest man in hell

Find 2 gold chambers


Kill 15 spiders


Survive a level in Agony Mode

The great painter

Unlock all paintings

Your soul is mine!

Baphomet ending

Let me see you

Unlock all characters in 3d viewer

She looks good in red

Find 2 red chambers

What a smell...

Hold your breath for 666 seconds

I found a job!

Unlock madman ending

Demon slayer

Push and kill an onoskelis

You looks just like your father

Unlock all letters and notes

Ice Age

Good and Evil

Good and Evil (Unlock Evil and Angel ending)

It's a secret

Find a secret room

I am enlightened

Unlock everything in gallery

I was born to rule!

Nimrod ending

I believe I can fly

Finish the game for a second time as a succubus and kill 30 children

Lara would be proud!

Find all secret rooms