Golem Creation Kit achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Going By The Book

Follow the instructions, like a boss!



Make a new friend.

Beef Broth

Divine Word

Combinations make the most interesting golems.

Rapid Response

Be the quickest golem in these parts.

You Are Glue

Strange Skies

It's A Kind Of Magic

Shake what your Creation Kit gave you.

Something Going On..

Don't Make Her Angry...

Comedy Genius

Over 9000

Upgrade your magic words. A mighty boost to your power level.

All's Well That Ends

Finish the game.

Just A Minute

Upgrade your timepiece.

Thought I'd Lost You!

Fully Loaded

Upgrade your inventory. It's so roomy!


Those Meddling Kids

A Day To Remember

Barter It Away

Make a tough choice when you're low on ingredients.

Reading Diaries

Collect all 10 parts of this fascinating read.

So It Goes

You Made Her Angry...

Together At Last

That's So Meta


Just You And Me

Best Of All Possible Worlds


Gotta craft 'em all.


Survive 7 days on Ironman mode


Make it through 10 Endless days.


Survive 30 days on Ironman mode


Survive 14 days on Ironman mode


Survive 21 days on Ironman mode