The Forest of Doom achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Lucky Luke

Be lucky in a 'Test your Luck' roll

Unlucky Barman

Be unlucky in a 'Test your Luck' roll

Hoom Hoom

Escape Darkwood Forest!

Cover Star

Fight the iconic Shapechanger!

Over the Top

Win an arm-wrestling contest

Leaping Lord

Bounce your way out of trouble

Flukey Fluting

Tame a flying beast with music

Deagle, Deagle, Deagle

Kill a creature who hates 'bwight light'

Confused Hippophile

Ride a strange looking horse

Ungrateful Dead

Help two souls out but be duped each time

Pfeiffer Berry

Fight a feline foe

Mr. Kessler

Suffer at the hands of lycanthropy

Apotropaic Saviour

Use an aromatic bulb to ward off a night terror

Hulla Baloo

Fight a creature that has been darted

Sell Out

Buy all of Yaztromo's items

Earth Wind

Release an Earth Elemental on to the world

Forty-thousand Cheers

Find the two halves of the dwarfish hammer

Dingle Dangle

Get caught in an Ogre's tree trap

Gone Pear-shaped

Eat a strange fruit

Back of the Net

Successfully use the Net of Entanglement


Face a barrage of eggshell splinters

Adventurer Win

Find the ultimate ending in Medium mode

Happy Tuck

Return a brass bell to its owner

Demon Lord

Find your new destiny

Meddling Kids

Reveal the truth about an individual

Manual Drive

Find all the painted canvas pieces to unlock alternative cover

Cheater's Win

Find the ultimate ending in Free Read mode

What's Up Doc

Wield a carrot as a deadly weapon

Hardcore Hero Win

Find the ultimate ending in Hardcore mode

MacLean's Aim

Be fired upon by arrows in four different encounters

Art Lover

Find all the artwork in The Forest of Doom